During past years Stijn Drolenga (1998, The Netherlands) has been living and working in Amsterdam [NL], Zürich [CH] and Helsinki [FI]. He worked in acclaimed offices on competitions ranging from housing to large scale urban plans. Amongst others are the Hoofdstation Groningen [NL] and The HUB [DE].

His latest furniture project, M2 Collection: A Side Table, is being exhibited at The Artling [SG]. Besides architecture, graphic design makes up a large part of his most recent work. Varying from cover-art and printed press to web-design and (corporate) identities. In collaboration with Act of Benevolence [NL] he designed 3 posters as part of the 'Country Code' project, supporting several charities in the middle east.

Work Experience

2022 - 2023
TU Delft, Delft [NL]

E2A, Zürich [CH]

NL Architects, Amsterdam [NL]

Het HEM, Zaandam [NL]

2018 - 2019
Koen van Velsen architecten, Hilversum [NL]


M2 Collection: A Side Table
Megosu, Amsterdam [NL]

M2 Collection: A Side Table
The Artling, Singapore [SG]


2020 - 2023
MSc. Architecture / TU Delft, Delft [NL]
MSc. 3/4: Complex Projects studio
(led by Kees Kaan)

MSc. 2: EXTREME Care design studio
(led by Job Schroën)

MSc. 1: Urban Architecture design studio
(led by Mechthild Stuhlmacher & Mikel van Gelderen)

MSc. Architecture / Aalto University, Helsinki [FI]
MSc. 2: Building design studio
(led by Esa Ruskeepää, Simon Mahringer & Erkko Aarti)

2016 - 2019
BSc. Architecture / TU Delft, Delft [NL]

2010 - 2016
Atheneum / St. Michaël College, Zaandam [NL]


Act of Benevolence: Country Code by Raymon Bordes & Jonas Althuis
M2 Collection: A Side Table by Raymon Bordes
Model photo Sportscomplex S(HS)Cr010 by Aimee Baars
Rave: Bad Habits by Sytze van der Wolk


Studio dreauLENGAH
Amrum 39
1506BR Zaandam
The Netherlands

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