Academic Research: De Opeenstapeling

Year: 2019 - 2020
Type: Academic research
Mentor(s): Dr. O. Caso /
Nora Mees

The OV-terminal Breda is more than just a railway station. It actually is an area development. Besides a train- and busstation the complex also houses several other functions including offices, apartments, a bicycle storage, a parkingdeck and various public spaces. Van Velsen designed a brick building made from 3,25 million bricks. And it is this specific materilization that stands out. De Opeenstapeling aims to explore the brick and it’s application by Van Velsen in the OV-terminal Breda.

When does Koen van Velsen conform to the modern standards regarding to the use of brick? And at which moment does he reject these norms? The overall question I asked myself during this research reads as follows: Which contribution(s) has Van Velsen made with the OV-terminal Breda to the modern Dutch brick architecture?

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