M2 Collection: A Side Table

Year: 2020
Dimensions: H 52 / ø 50
Material: Fibracolour Negro by FINSA

On view: The Artling Gallery,
Singapore [SG]

EUR 430 / USD 520

The concept of the M2 Collection: A Side Table was born in January 2020. As an architecture student with some working experience in the design industry, I became familiar with largescale projects such as the new railway station in Groningen during my time at Koen van Velsen architecten. Later that year I started a second internship at NL Architects, known for projects such as Kleiburg and Forum Groningen. These projects comprise tens of thousands of square meters, which is not uncommon in today’s construction projects. Big buildings seem to be the new normal.. In contrast, I wanted to create an object people could relate to in terms of the human scale. It had to be a physical reminder of space, a tool of comparison.

In February 2020, I started my new job at museum the HEM and was about to start my internship. No one could have predicted that the outbreak of pandemic COVID-19 would be the reason that these plans fell through. I was left with no job, no internship, no study program. Unintentionally, the lockdown turned out as an opportunity to further develop the M2 concept.

The challenge was to imagine a piece of furniture people could use in this strange time of self-quarantine. An object which could be easily assembled without the use of difficult tools. A durable object made to withstand the test of time. Since my home was my workshop, resources and space for experiments with materials and joints were limited. Thus, I immersed myself in the world of digital design, using 3D programs and internet references as my tools.

The objective was to embody the notion of human scale in a clearly defined physical entity.
This resulted in a side table comprising a total surface area of precisely 1 square meter:
M2 Collection: A Side Table.

The first run of the M2 Collection consists of 5 side tables. Each piece is hand-crafted and unique, imperfections, variations in textures, colours and finishes are normal. This table has a lead time of 6 weeks, worldwide shipping is possible.

swipehand sideview frontview deconstructed