Sportscomplex: S(HS)Cr010

Location: Rotterdam [NL]
Program: Sportscomplex, School,
Gross floor area: 5500m2

Year: 2019 - 2020
Type: Academic project
Mentor(s): Saynzo Osinga /
Paulien Bremmer
Subject: BK6ON6 Gebouw en Techniek, Faculty of Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences

S(HS)Cr010 is a new sportscomplex in the outer-dike area of Rotterdam, in the Schiehaven. By making the Maaskant building part of the architectural ensemble, the design forms a natural addition to the existing built enviroment, providing a better and more comfortable connection between the two sides of the Westzeedijk.

Not only does the building accomodates a (sport) graduate school, a complete sportsfacility with several indoor sport halls and a climbing wall, S(HS)Cr010 also provides a public library and a restaurant with exceptional view on the world famous port of Rotterdam.

The public space surrounding the complex is not only made relevant for visitors of the complex, also casual wanderers can make their way to the defiant play of bridges, corridors and breathtaking views over the harbour.

S(HS)Cr010 tries to strengthen Rotterdam's undeniable relation to the water, adding meaning to the city's timeworn maritime heritage and identity. Hopefully giving Rotterdam another meaningful building to add to it's unique urban landscape.

Maquette Sportscomplex S(HS)Cr010 Ground Floor Sportscomplex S(HS)Cr010 3D Impression Exterior Sportscomplex S(HS)Cr010 South Elevation Sportscomplex S(HS)Cr010 Section Sportscomplex S(HS)Cr010 3D Impression Interior Sportscomplex S(HS)Cr010 Detailling Sportscomplex S(HS)Cr010